The ‘Your Dick Is Tiny’ Special

$15.00 $13.95

Want to REALLY drive the whole “I’m breaking up with you” point home? Let us help by sending him a dick as tiny as his!



Want to tell your soon to be former significant other to fuck off? Send him a dick as tiny as his is!

This embarrassingly small fake dick will be sent to your idiot soon to be former significant other with a message of your choice up to three lines of text and 36 characters. Tell him to go fuck himself or send him the four words he’s been waiting to hear: “Get fucked. You’re single.”

We’ll sign your name or leave it off — whatever you want. Ultimately, we’ll just be happy to help you have some fun dropping him from your life.

We will not under any circumstances pass along threats of violence (we’re having fun here; don’t ruin it), but anything else is fair game!


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