Hey there! Looking for a perfect way to tell the douchebag in your life to fuck off?¬†Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!¬†Dildos For Douchebags specializes in telling someone to go fuck themselves with the perfect gift: something they can actually fuck themselves with!


Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakup gift or want to anonymously send something awful to someone you hate, Dildos For Douchebags is your home for sending a cheap “fuck you” to some worthless piece of shit you’re forced to deal with.

Our products are shipped unpackaged, handled by random people, and come complete with your custom message written in Sharpie. In other words, whatever you send your chosen douchebag will be completely unusable even if they wanted to use it!

Need Help With A Breakup?

break up in style
Need the perfect breakup gift for your soon to be ex-douchebag? Check this out!

Need the perfect gift for that douchebag in your life? Tell them to stick it up their ass in the best way possible! Dismiss